Requirements for Starting MySQL

To start MySQL database it needs to have some basic knowledge of any programming knowledge. There are some logic and ideas which are needed to insert, delete or update data in MySQL database. Some programming language such as PHP, HTML5, Java, C can develop your skill for understanding logic such as if, else, switch case, between, etc. So before starting MySQL be confirmed to have following knowledge…

  1. Data Type
  2. Logic
  3. Array
  4.  Simple Math Operation

Besides, the knowledge you need to have some necessary tools or software make an environment for using MySQL database and SQL query. SQL refers to Structured Query Language which is used to deal with the database. It is used for saving data, retrieve or delete data from MySQL database. There are several tools for making your computer environment to use MySQL.

As MySQL runs always from server. We need to a local server. This server is used for interacting with MySQL database. Xampp, Wampp, Laragon are widely popular among developers for making the local server. After, installing Xampp start it.

And your MySQL will start at default port 3306. Now go to your browser and write localhost/phpmyadmin and after that, a nice user-friendly PHPMyAdmin web application will appear like below.

You can use other MySQL clients also such as

  1. Workbench
  2. Netbeans
  3. PHPStrom
  4. HeidiSQL

We will use phpmyadmin on our website for SQL tutorial. You can anyone from above. In

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