Introduction To PHP Programming

PHP stands for Hypertext  Pre Processor which is used in web technology for making a web application. After first release in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf  PHP becomes popular among web developers around the globe.  This is more simple and easy web programming language in web technology. Nowadays, a lot of websites in all over the world are using PHP for making web apps. More updates, communities, and participation have made this language more efficient and user-friendly.

PHP is a light language. And for this reason, it runs from server efficiently. Another reason is, server cost for hosting PHP application is cheaper than others such as or Java. Now stable PHP version is 7.1. Before this 5.6 was used by developers for a lot of time.More updates are coming soon.

PHP is an object-oriented programming language. This language supports functional programming also. That’s why PHP program has minimized the thought of developers to manage or build a project. Class, object, traits and supporting different databases have made this language more user-friendly.


To start PHP coding this is not mandatory to be a hard coder or programmer. Anyone can start PHP programming easily anytime. It is better to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. Php is more popular for making simple as well as complex web application. Facebook, Wikipedia, and some other websites are using PHP language on their website.

Different frameworks have given extra identity to this language. Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, Symphony, Phalcon and so on are most commonly used frameworks in PHP language. Most of them are open source and still developing by open source contributors. Some developers may argue about the security of PHP but using framework can reduce security risks. After ignoring everything it can be easily agreed that PHP runs faster and smoother. That’s why it is using in web technology.


Though nowadays nodejs, angular, asp becoming popular but it is true that PHP will lead in web technology for minimum 10 years.  Any interested person can easily start coding on PHP programming.

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