PHP Increment Decrement Operator

In programming language increment and decrement operator are used to increase or decrease current value of a variable. This is mainly used in the loop or some other places also. If the value of a variable needs to be changed then these two operators play an important role. Each increment and decrement have two different parts such as pre and post. Every time post-increment is used. But several times pre-increment is used inside the loop.


Increment Operator(++)

Increment operator is used to increase the value of a variable by 1. If the value of a variable is 5 then after using increment it will be 6. Hope that it will be clear after noticing the below code.


After looking the code we find that the primary value of variable $x is 5. After using increment(++) operator the value of variable $x has become 6 from 5.


Decrement Operator(- -)

Decrement operator is used for decreasing the current value of a variable by 1. If we think the current value of a variable $p is 10. After using decrement operator it will be 9. It means that decrement operator does subtraction operation. Below example will be helpful for better clearance.


Hope that you have got a better idea about increment and decrement operator. For better understanding practice with several examples.

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