What is Database and Its Usage

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A database is a great way for saving data to use on different platforms. By using a database it is possible to save data taking from users and also can be used for future purposes. The database offers a great way for saving data in a sequential way. Usually, the database offers to save data.  There are several types of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, Derby, Postgre, Microsoft DB, etc. Nowadays for using in web technology, MySQL is very popular. For this reason, we will mostly discuss MySQL database in this section.


 What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system(RDBMS) for dealing with data. MySQL database was created and developed by David Auxmark, Allan Larsson and Michel Monty under Swedish company MySQL AB. First released  MySQL version was 5.1. Nowadays, MySQL 5.7.21 is being used both in personal and company. Because of its simplicity and user-friendly environment, MySQL is being popular day by day.


MySQL Features

MySQL is an open source relational database management system(RDBMS) that means it doesn’t require any kind of license for using personally or in a company. Whereas Oracle, Microsoft Database requires a premium license for use. MySQL is licensed under GPL(version 2). Anyone can easily modify, delete as well as it can be distributed again.

MySQL query is easy to use for getting or saving data to a server. Main interaction with MySQL database is done by popular SQL(Structured Query Language) language. A simple keyword such as select, delete, update, insert, count, min, max and so on can do a huge number of tasks. MySQL database also supports a relation between one or multiple tables. Join keyword gives that feature.

There are a lot of third-party clients software available for accessing the database through writing SQL query. Of them, Phpmyadmin(web application), HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench, Netbeans plugin are most popular. Most commonly used database accessing client web application is PHPMyAdmin. It is most popular among developers in all over the world.


MySQL Using Platforms

MySQL is nowadays using on most platforms such as mobile,  desktop, web application and so on. For making web application through different technologies such as PHP, ASP.net, Python or Java then MySQL database can be the best option for saving several types of data. In mobile application JSON(JSON is a special type of data format) data is used to interact with a server. Here MySQL can play a vital role by generating this JSON data. In desktop application MySQL database is used for remote connection to save, modify or delete data. MySQL also supports export and import data in CSV, XLS, SQL, XML, JSON format. Beside this, a lot of features are available in MySQL database.

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