Write First Query – Make MySQL Database

For starting work on MySQL first it needs to make a database on our computer with the help of PHPMyAdmin. After for making database just go to your browser and write localhost/phpmyadmin . After that, a nice user-friendly screen will appear like below.


To make a database from this web application just click on new button. A new simple form will appear. Give your desired name for the database and save it by clicking create button.

PHPMyAdmin new Button - PHPDark.com


PHPMyAdmin Database Save-phpdark.com

It is also possible to make database by using command line in phpmyadin. To do this it is needed to click on SQL button like below picture

PHPDark.com- SQL Button in PHPMyAdmin


After that, a simple textbox will appear in monitor screen. In that box it is needed to write below command for making a database.  Finally, click on  Go button appear in below of that form. After successfully creating a database, your database will appear in left side of the web page.

SQL command for making database

It is needed to note that, mysql database is not case sensitive. That’s why “create database my_database”  and “CREATE DATABASE my_database” carry same meaning. Name should be in lowercase

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