Why I will Learn Programming?

Posted On: Sun, 02-09-2018, 6:06AM

Programming is a way of thinking differently from others. It’s a pathway of making something exceptional. A programmer can think and make something that can affect the whole world as well. He can make tools for mobile, web, desktop and hardware devices. If anybody wants to enter into the world of new thoughts and changes he/she can easily start programming at any time, any age. There is a lot of programming languages for doing different jobs and tasks. Python for the web, desktop, data analysis. C++, Java for desktop, C# for gaming. PHP web development.  According to requirements and job market programming languages are selected to learn.

Which Language will I Choose?

If anybody wants to start coding/programming then Python can be the best option to learn initially because of its simplicity, syntax, pattern etc. After completing Python one should migrate to C, C++, Java, PHP and so on. There are no huge changes between programming languages. The main differences are the way of using, where it is using and purpose. The main goal of programming is to learn logic and thinking of solving problems. A problem can be solved in different ways but all of them will be not granted. Because a program is used to save time and to do work fast. For this reason, the program which will take less time and perform work so fast will be granted.

How Much Time will It Need to a Programmer?

It is totally impossible to say how long time will it need to be a programmer. Because a programmer has to learn every day. There is a saying

“practice makes a man perfect”.

To be a complete programmer one needs to have the basic knowledge of variable, syntax, loop, array, list, structure array. After that, he/she should learn design pattern, management, database, security etc. Approximately it can be said that a programmer needs at least three years to reach the junior level.

He can increase his/her knowledge through practice, learning and implementation to reach professional level.

To start programming no rules are available according to age. One can start programming at any time during living life. According to my thoughts and opinions, school life is the best time for starting programming. Because at this age every student starts to learn something different. As programming is fun, so if any student get fun here. He/she will not ignore it.

How Much Time will It Need to a Programmer?

Most of the people think that, it is needed to have a high standard knowledge in mathematics to come to the programming world. A person can become also a programmer without higher knowledge in mathematics. But if someone has knowledge of mathematics in brain, he will do better in programming almost. There are many programmers in this world working in software industry without having much knowledge in math. The main duty of a programmer is to think differently from others to solve the problem and find out the way, here mathematics can be identified as an assistant.

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Job Sector

There are a lot of opportunities in this world to work in a software company or it industry after becoming an expert programmer. Even in Europe, there is a scarcity of good programmers for their industry. They need more than 3million programmers to fulfill their demand for the industry.  A programmer has to make relation with code/program. He writes code, debugs it, finds the bug and solves it. There are many positions in a software industry to join such as developer, tester, designer, project manager etc.

If we think about the salary of a software engineer, then it is not so less. It’s quite better than other jobs to make the career. In the USA the approximate salary of a programmer is more than 6000$ per month or even higher sometimes. Other countries such as Germany, Netherland, Singapore, Japan are giving a huge amount of salary to their employees working in IT industry. Our world is moving according to the goal of Information Technology. To cope with the changing world it is high time to involve in technology as soon as possible. It can make a country better as well as the whole world to build up the community and make human life simple.


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