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PHPDark.com is a platform for giving support of learning resources of programming language mainly PHP and it's cooperative frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii2, Symphony etc. Others are also available in phpdark for supplying easy guidance


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 CSS Introduction

PHP Basic

 Introduction to PHP  Admin Controller Test  Strlen Function in PHP

PHP Advanced

 Advanced PHP Introduction


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 Introduction to Jquery  Jquery Important Functions


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PHP Language Introduction

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre Processor which is used in web technology for making a web application. After first release in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf PHP becomes popular among web developers around the globe. This is more simple and easy web programming language in web technology. Nowadays, a lot of websites in all over the world are using PHP for making web apps. More updates, communities, and participation have made this language more efficient and user-friendly. PHP is a light language. And for this reason, it runs from server efficiently. Another reason is, server cost for hosting PHP application is cheaper than others such as ASP.NET or Java. Now stable PHP version is 7.3.8. Before this 5.6 was used by developers for a long time...Read more...

Laravel The Modern Framework

Laravel is the most popular and widely used framework in all over the world. This framework has already drawn the attention of several developers for its extra features, security, coding pattern. This framewrok is built using php. Use of MVC structure along with several design patterns have made Laravel more strong and developer's friendly. The current ratio of using laravel framework is continuously increasing nowadays..Read more...

HTML Introduction and Usage

Html is a markup language that is mainly used for making layout of a webpage or website It is a base language which deals at user interface. A simple static webpage or dynamic web page both require html for showing results generated from server. It is lightweight and also easy to learn for a beginners who want to start career in web world.Read more...

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