Git Introduction & Developer's Need-

Git Introduction & Developer's Need


02.38am 18-18-2020 ||  2130 times

Git is a modern tool for maintaining project, version and also it gives opportunities to developers to work in a single project at a time. It creates a collaborative environment between multiple contributors. It's nothing but an online folder. Git technology was introduced by the creator of Linx, Linux Torvalds. After the invention of git open source world and contribution started to go further stage. Because from around the world a lot of developers are contributing in a single project. For example , if you consider the Linux operating system, we can get a clear idea. Linux is free and open-source for all.  Tha't means it can be downloaded, modified, distributed again without further permission. Git makes this work so much easier. Because using git it is possible to fix bug on other proejcts. 


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