Opening Payoneer Account | Procedure | Details-

Opening Payoneer Account | Procedure | Details


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Payoneers account open is almost mandatory for a freelancer, a digital marketer as well as who actually interacts with today’s internet world. For opening the Payoneer account it is needed to grow some questions inside the mind…

  • Why will I open a Payoneer account?
  • Where will I use it?
  • How I will increase my business and make profit
  • Who will interact with my account?
  • Benefits ….


Most of the answers of above question is necessary for internet workers. Taking payment from the internet is always more hard and tough, also risky. There are a lot of payment services are available in all over the world. Like Paypal, Neteller, Payza Payoneer is growing fast and having popularity among freelancers, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, etc.

Where to use?

Payoneer nowadays can be used in several market places such as Upwork, Fiverr, Shutterstock, Envato, Amazon, Freelancer, PeopleperHour, 99designs and so on. A freelancer can easily get his/her payment using Payoneer. Day by day more partner companies are joining with Payoneer that is undoubtedly good news for internet jobs. Using Payoneer it is possible to pay e-commerce site bills, buy tickets, order food, etc.

Account Opening

To open an account in Payoneer it is needed to submit mandatory documents for verification by scanning or capturing a photo. Those documents can be driving license, passport or nid (government-issued citizen document). It is possible to use Payoneer globally as it supports opening account from more than 200 countries using several currencies. The most preferred currency is USD.

Payoneer Account Open -

Step 1

After clicking the link of Payoneer a register page will appear like below. It is needed to look through the form very carefully before starting registration. In first step first name, last name, email address, date of birth should be filled up carefully according to your nid/passport.

Tips1: Always try to use the same name for Payoneer, bank and nid/passport. If your details don’t match with your given documents then Payoneer will hold your payment. This is very boring.  

Step 2

After clicking next you will get a form for proving contact details like the below screenshot. Here you will have to provide country, address line, zip code and also mobile number.

Payoneer Account Address Page -

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Tips2: Always try to use your own country. Don’t try to use other countries. This will create a hassle for you  

Tips3: Address should be matched with your passport/nid and also try to use the mobile number which is connected to the network. Because sometimes Payoneer requires OTP (One Time Password) for user verification.

Step 3

After clicking next a form for giving several details such as username, password, security question, issuing country, id type, id number, id and captcha code.  After filling all the details, you next page you will have provide more details also.

Payoneer Account |

Tips4: Try to use strong password containing alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, $, %, @).

Tips5: Use a security question that is familiar to you but not easily guessed by your nearest ones.

Step 4

In the almost done section, you will have to provide some sensitive details of your account. Those are your bank details, bank country, currency, branch, account name, and account number. During fill-up of these details you will have to give accurately. Using this bank details Payoneer will send money to your local bank directly after converting to your bank currency. For processing and transferring money Payoneer usually takes 3-5 business days. After receiving payment from Payoneer you can check your bank details and balance statement. After completing everything you will have to submit your application to Payoneer authority by clicking the submit button. Payoneer will take about 48hours for processing and opening accounts.

Payoneer Account -

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