Windows 7 Support End | Microsoft Windows 7 Deadline-

Windows 7 Support End | Microsoft Windows 7 Deadline

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02.39am 18-18-2020 ||  2155 times

Support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020. This is an official declaration from Microsoft for not giving support to Windows 7 users. That means Microsoft will not take any responsibility for having any security risks or malware attacks to the user’s computer. Windows has warned and suggested to its users to upgrade their operating system to the latest version. Windows 7 was launched on July 22, 2009 and become available for general users in October 22, 2009. Within this time Microsoft had launched Windows 8. But it was a matter of sorrow that windows 8 didn’t get popularity in the world.

windows support end -

Windows 7 got popularity in all over among business professionals, media industry, news agencies, educational institutions etc.

Cybersecurity and computer specialist warns to update their system as soon as possible.


What is the Meaning of Windows 7 Support End?

Even after stopping support from windows 7, it is also possible for all of the work using a computer with less security. Work on less security is not recommended at all. Microsoft is encouraging people to update their system to get rid of threats, viruses.

Its now better to upgrade pc to windows 10. Approximately 140$ more. Price may vary for several editions as well. It is possible to install new Windows 10 to pc. If requirements are filled for installing windows 10 then it will be better idea to install windows early. If a computer is committed to doing offline work then it fine to stay on Windows 7. Installing a newer version of windows for a company or organization is not easy early because it may have huge number of computers. That’s why they should install a strong firewall until switching to new operating system.

Linux can be a good idea to solve the problem for short term periods. Actually, Linux is based on the command line that’s why it is not popular with non-technical users as well.

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