Introduction to Codeigniter

Codeigniter is one of the popular php frameworks which is used for making webstie. The structure of codeigniter has been built by following mvc(model view controller) . For its simple way of understability  codeigniter has raised and grown popularity in all over world . Codeignter is a lightweight framework. Ellislab is the fundamental author of codeigniter. On February 28, 2006 codeigniter was lauched and step step by step it gets more updates and bug fixing. Now stable release of codeignite is 3.1.11

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1. First release was on February 28, 2006
2. Version v2.2.0  was released on June 6, 2014. This version has not supports at present from codeigniter. It is also not recommened to use this version in production
3. Final and stable version of codeigniter is v3.1.11 and still updating. This version has been using for making millions of websites around the world . Truly for continuous supports and poplurity of laravel codeigniter is loosing its market. But it is still in position. 


Codeigniter Repository:
As codeigniter is a an open source framework and free of complex license agreement, anyone can use it personally/commercially for making websites. Git repository of codeigniter is hosted on