PHP Starting Requirements

PHP is a server side scripting language and now widely used for interacting with server for sending, storing, receiving data. For starting journey with php that means for working with php it is needed to have basic knowledge.Let's know this

2. CSS

3. JavaScript

HTML is a markup language for showing output in the browser and CSS is a stylesheet to design a page. JavaScript makes a page more dynamic by animation, moving or sliding. Having knowledge about these have a great impact during learing PHP knowledge.


For Starting PHP and writing code it needs to have some necessary software and tools. These tools will make an environment in a computer to work with php language. We have divided our all post into several categories such as php basic, php advanced, php object oriented and at last php project. If you complete all the sections with clear concept then you are ready to claim yourself as a php developer.


As php run from server, so it is necessary to have server in personal computer. There are different kinds of server are available for giving php environment. Of them XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP are commonly used. Usually after installing these softwares in a computer, a local server is created. The ip address of this local server will be or localhost.

For writing php code a text editor is needed. Netbeans, PHPStrom, Sublime Text, Notepad++ are most widely used text editor in the world for working with php language. Go through our website to know how to download these required software.

If you want to build up your career as a php developer then you can choose php language without any kind of confusion. If you face any kind of problems or have any question regarding php then you are free to ask PHPDark in the comment box of every post. Hope that PHPDark is always ready to help you as much as possible.

So Let' start from the below link

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