Privacy Policy

PHPDark is a free and open source website, developed for giving supports to PHP lovers and developers. This website is totally free to use. There is no hidden cost for browsing our website. Your Internet Service Provider(ISP) or phone company may charge data for browsing.

You can read our post, blog and other pages as much as you wish. Usually PHPDark deals with code. All php programs available in our website are unique and written by maintaining coding standard. You are free to use our website’s code in any place for personal use. But you are not allowed to use it for commercial purpose. You can use it commercially by giving proper credit to our website. We usually store our php programs in github as a zip file. You are free to download zip from github without any kind of inform to us.

We never use your personal information for commercial use. We sometime want our user’s mobile no, address, email for giving better user experience. You are highly suggested not to share any phone, email or contact information publicly so that no one can harm you in cyber world .  We sometime use cookie to identify our user for giving service as usual.

We never allow any kind of spam or link in our website. This is might illegal in internet world. We don’t take direct action against that user but we warn him not to do that again. If a user do so for three or more times then he/she will be blocked from our website for our protection.

If we find any kind of continuous fraud request from a ip then it will be our mandatory duty to block that user for our server safety.

PHPDark is in initial stage and its still updating. For this reason, our user may find unknown error several times. Though its rate is not so high. We are sorry for that. You may find 404 Error. This means that your requested page may be broken or deleted from the server.

Our website time is maintain according to GMT+6. You may manage it according to your GMT.

As our website is made based on giving guidelines and supports. So, different types of user visits our website having different choices and interests. If we find any kind of personal attacks, threats or hates against any user then it will be also our mandatory duty to warn him. All the users of our website are highly requested and suggested that, they should follow community rules, regulations and standard so that they can easily get their answer by other users. Because most of the time admin will not have capability to answer. At that time, this community will help them to talk with each other.