Terms and Policy

PHPDark.com is a tutorial based website for sharing knowledge among developers around the world. The main motto of us is to help others, specially learners and seeker. We maintain website by following some rules and regulations aslo. For regulating our website we sometime can collect customer's cookies and data. We always try to provide 100% security to your privacy. Without permission of our visitors we never share credit card, email and contact information to third party. 

If you get any project proposal or any kind of contract sign information with freelancers or some other people in our website. We recommned no to sign contract without talking and clerafication. Because may be near fraud or faul person. Be aware of those peoples. PHPDark.com is fully free and learning website. Here you will not have to pay single cent. That's why beaware of any kind of transactions with third party. PHPDark.com will not take any kind of responsibility regarding this issues.

PHPDark.com mainly uses own written code and screenshot. We sometimes usually collect code form stackoverflow, github, codepen etc. It is needed to mention here that we never publish any kind of unauthorized code in our website. If you find any violations or any kind of unauthorization in our website, we strongly recommended you to inform us. We will immediately remove those code from our website. 

Our website is free and open for every developers around the world. We have to run our site and maintained it continuously. That's why we need a minimum cost. For this reason we sometimes show several ads according to your interest and internet activity. Please support us by showing ad and redirect to add link. We never show shame or bad ads to our website. If you found anything like that in our website. We request you to inform us. Our visitors are always properties for us. 

PHPDark.com is currently running and maintained by only one person. We always recommend not to share your information to third party if you don't know what you are going to do actually. If you have any query regarding our website you can Contact Us